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Evaporative Cooling

Our combination of specialised fabrics and fibres creates an advanced water management system that we call HyperKewl™.


AeroChill is a range of cooling products for fitness and recovery. AeroChill uses Hyperkewl evaporative cooling technology to power its cooling capability. The brand name is used for private label licensing agreements, allowing for our clients to have a private label Hyperkewl range.

Cooling Towel

Our KewlTowel™ is made using highly absorbent PVA (poly vinyl alcohol) material with a special dimple design for more effective water absorption and evaporation.

Evaporative Dry Cooling

Using our patented HyperKewl™ fabric, our DryKewl™ product line provides the benefits of evaporative cooling while you stay completely dry.

PCM Cooling

TechNiche Cool Pax™ products are designed to provide targeted temperature cooling using Phase Change Cooling Materials (PCM).

Circulatory Cooling

KewlFlow™ vests expose the body to chilled water which is a powerful means of removing heat energy and an effective way to cool the body.

Battery-Powered Warming

Our battery powered heated gear utilises some of the most advanced heating elements and battery technology available on the market.

Air-Activated Warming

Heat Pax™ products are easy to use and a cost effective way to beat the winter chill; keeping you warm from head to toe.