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Keep a cool head in summer with new Cooling Pads for helmets

14 March 2017

Keep a cool head in summer with new Cooling Pads for helmets

Outdoor workers around Europe will soon face the summer sun, often leading to heat fatigue and heat stress and consequent effects on workers’ health and productivity. Decreased concentration and failing fine motor skills are dangerous and lead to rising accident rates. With a simple but innovative cooling pad for the helmeted worker comfort is increased and risk is minimised.

A cooling effect of up to 12°C below ambient temperature is possible with one activation lasting 5-10 hours. This is only possible with the water management system created in the innovative HyperKew™ material, as the fabric absorbs and releases water within its multi-layered structure. To activate just submerge the cooling pad in water for 1 minute. After a gentle squeeze it will feel almost dry with no drips, the cooling effect starts immediately.

The cooling pad can be activated over a 100 times and its durable, lightweight and free from pollutant chemicals. With hook and loop fastener it conveniently attaches to any V-Gard helmet suspension. MSA offers two versions of the cooling pad – either for the crown or extended with neck protection.

The perfect combination is with MSA’s best in market vented helmet V-Gard 200, with its many accessories and professional full colour printing. Don’t forget to keep workers eyes safe too. With MSA UV400 safety glasses that not only look good but protect against UV-radiation and glare as well as impact and dust.

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